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How to Waste At Least 4 Hours In The Airport

My coaching class got over early a few hours early, so I raced my little baby car back (by the way, I used TWO gallons of gas. TWO. Can you say economical?) to the Atlanta airport so I could try to get an early flight home. Ugh. No seats available on the two early flights. Ugh. Stuck at the airport for four hours. What the H-E-Double-Toothpick am I gonna do???

Well, the first thing, after finding my concourse of course, is to go find a Diet Coke. With being stuck in a classroom for hours upon hours with limited breaks, I didn’t drink that much so I wouldn’t end up having one of “those” days where I have to pee a hundred times an hour. The good thing about being stuck in Atlanta is that the airport is really big and there’s lots of choices. I settled on Phillips Seafood in Concourse D. I was pretty hungry since we stayed in class through lunch and I “only” had a 6″ sub from Subway that I’d left in my car all morning since I had a feeling we would be skipping lunch.

1) Walk backwards on the moving sidewalk. I took a video of me doing this and sent it to my son, who specifically asked me to walk backwards on the moving sidewalk. Mission accomplished.

2) Diet Coke. Three of them.

3) Dinner. I have eaten pretty good this weekend, but I was craving a salad. Oh, it was gooooood.

Did not disappoint.

Did not disappoint.

4) Read Runner’s World. I love this magazine, but I sort of always come away feeling slow and fat.

5) Compare wait staff and other customers to famous people. Not a great idea since I realize that I really don’t know that many famous people that look like the wait staff and customers. There’s just one guy who sort of looks like Ty Pennington.

6) Make a list of things I would like to purchase for next year’s Stride program. Oh, if I can get this approved, this will be Super Stride, Stride x2, Stride Max. I have so many ideas of what I can and really need to do for this program in the following years. Maniacal laugh.

7) Start on my 50/50 list. Yeah, my list of 50 things I want to do by the time I turn 50. Fifty. F-i-f-t-y. Yikes. That number scares me, and it will be here before I know it, less than nine years from now.  So I might as well take time to list the things I’d like to do, then go about doing them.

8) Avoid watching the weather. D’oh! It’s up on the screen in the restaurant since there’s FRIGGIN tornados south of here. With a friggin HUGE weather system coming through.  Yeah, I knew there was supposed to be bad weather sometime today, but really, REALLY????? I just want to get my arsk home. I haven’t slept in years. Or that’s what it feels like anyway.

Please dissipate, please dissipate, I wanna go home!

Please dissipate, please dissipate, I wanna go home!

9) Go buy a People Magazine/easy reading book and do nothing for the rest of the entire night.

And that’s what I’m gonna go do.

I really can’t wait to share with you what this class was all about. I DESPERATELY want to take the Level II class concentrating in Endurance but not sure if I can since I’m not technically a coach and you’re supposed to have three seasons of coaching experience. Does Stride count??? Does BEING coached count??

Hmmm, it’s yellow outside….



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A Weekend Full of Learnin’ Bout Stuff

I meant to post earlier this week, but I was without wireless for two whole days. GASP!!!!  So here I am, in a hotel room, blogging.

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m currently in Georgia, to take the Level I USATF Coaching Certification class. I got up this morning at 4:30, got all ready, decided last minute to take all my stuff on carry-on (Hello? Can you say easy?!), and got to the airport in plenty of time. Funny, I ended up seeing and talking to a few friends who were headed north for a weekend of fun. That’s never happened to me before, but it’s kind of cool to live in a place small enough where you actually know someone at the airport! I was playing Candy Crush and reading my Oprah magazine through the two smooth, short flights.  Another thing I may not have mentioned is that I’m really afraid to fly. I don’t know why, and I used to love to fly, so it’s annoying. Bigger planes are better for me, so thankfully, they were bigguns today!

I have to laugh at the “economy” rental car my husband booked for me. I would have chosen economy too, but when I saw this:


All this baby car wants for Christmas is to be a real car.

All this baby car wants for Christmas is to be a real car. Beep beep.

I let out a giggle. I’ve never driven a car so small. Whatever, because I wasn’t there to drive and if it saves money, I’m all for that. I do know that it gets REALLY good gas mileage and it does NOT like to go over 65ish mph. Kinda gets angry and “gerbils in a wheel” sound when you try that.

I got to Marietta early, so decided to see if my hotel had my room ready by chance, then go check out Life University, where the class is being held. Yeah! My room was ready, so I checked in, changed into my running clothes, and headed to go run. It wasn’t the best place to run at, but it was gorgeous, both scenery and weather.

A very short trail, but it was beautiful.

A very short trail, but it was beautiful.

Very cool.

Very cool.

I got in somewhere around 4.5 miles, including two laps on the Life University track. The run did not feel good, and of course, the pain is back. Some days are good, some are not, but I’m seeing a physical therapist to see if we can get to the bottom of this. I also know I will have two days off since class and travel will take up any time I may want to run this weekend, so that’s good. I’m going to have to make a decision this week about what I’m going to do about this marathon….. I was feeling cautiously optimistic the other day, and now, I’m just feeling defeated. So who knows what I’m going to have to do.

Here's one more.

Here’s one more.

When I was done running and stretching by my rental gerbil car, a lady drove by and asked if I was part of the USATF class and if there were good places to run. We chatted a few minutes, and I look forward to talking more to “Maria” tonight. Yeah, now I can say I know someone!

So why AM I taking this class? Well, there’s a need for coaches. Educated coaches. The county where my kids attend school does not have a middle school track program. They want one. They need one. They don’t have the facilities for an actual program, but we run around the outside of the football field. It works. I’ve learned a lot from coaching a group of 15 6th graders in Stride. I know that I don’t know that much! But I know they want the program to continue. I know I really like coaching. The obvious step for me was to get as much education as I can and go from there. You just never know where it may lead.

Oh, the lure of the track.

Oh, the lure of the track.


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