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Lessons From A Snail

I’ve been struggling with the swim portion of my half iron training. I’ve been worried about it since I considered even doing a triathlon, let alone one that included a 1.2 mile swim.  I started swimming last year on October 4th, and I find it fascinating that I can actually swim for a pretty long time without touching the bottom or support or getting winded.  I’m slow though.  Very, very, painstakingly slow.  That doesn’t bother me really, because I’m at least getting the job done.  My goal is to swim only, not swim at a certain pace.

Last week, curiosity got the best of me and I looked up the approximate start times for my half iron race at the end of October and compared that time to the tide charts. My stomach dropped. I won’t even START swimming until after high tide has come and gone, so the thought of having just a tiny little push quickly vanished. I knew that during about an hour on each side of high tide, the water is pretty slack, but I didn’t realize that I would be starting after high tide and probably ending the race against the tide. Lord help me.

I didn’t freak out about this revelation, but I did talk to my coach, who knows the water like the back of her hand, and I seriously considered deferring the race until next year. I do not want to miss my swim cutoff time (1.5 hours), and honestly, I don’t want to train any more than I already am to swim FASTER. I am happy just plugging along and getting the distance in, quietly being the turtle in the back of the pack. I find myself slightly resentful towards swimming, as it isn’t running or biking (which makes me run faster), and I just want to run (or bike because it helps running). I messed around all summer, and now I’m ready to attack my marathon training. This triathlon is supposed to be FUN, not a diversion from running!!!


While all of this has been going on, I’ve noticed some really cool snails at two of my son’s football fields.  They’re pretty small snails, too. But that doesn’t stop them. I don’t know where they’re going, but they have a mission and they don’t stop. I picked a few of them up and moved them to the side of the field so they didn’t get stomped on as the crowds made their way from the field to the bathrooms, but I don’t think there’s been one snail who said, “Hey, I’m just too slow, so I’m going to give up.” I don’t think it works that way for them. They’re determined by nature to go where they need to go without regard to how long it takes to get there.  I’ve never seen a snail with a watch. I’ve never seen a snail frustrated because he was late. Or slow. Or behind all the other snails.


I thought about the irony of the triathlon debacle and my snail discoveries. The message seems to be clear. Just keep going. Don’t stop, don’t give up, don’t slow down, just go.  And I will.


The best advice.

The best advice.


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If Running was Poker, I’d Be in Rehab


Hello, my name is Kelli, and I am an addict.  It dawned on me the other day that I am addicted to running.  Yes, it actually took that long to figure out. I knew I loved running, and fell deeper in love with it this last training cycle, but I really think I upped the ante and became addicted.  I’m sad and slightly anxious that I don’t have a race in the near future, especially a marathon. I ran a marathon less than two weeks ago and I’m chomping at the bit to run another one. The mind wants something that the legs simply cannot (and shouldn’t) deliver. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms.  Irritation. Obsessive thoughts about running. Crankiness. Wanting to train for something. I miss my Training Peaks emails.

I started thinking about how my husband felt about the whole thing and my continuing preoccupation with running that will soon be paired with swimming and biking.  I asked him the day after we got back from our Boston trip, “So, how do you feel that “this” is never going to end. I’m always going to want to compete, to get better, and to run races? It’s. Never. Going. To. Stop.”

He likes to play poker so then I started thinking, wow, what if I played poker and spent as much time/money thinking about and playing poker as I do running. Yikes. I’d totally be in rehab.

Thankfully for me, he is really understanding about my passion, my love, “the other” in our relationship, and I believe I balance everything pretty well. My family is first, but running is not even close to other things behind it (you’d totally understand that if you saw my yard and my junk drawers and closets and well, you get the picture).

So I looked up the “signs of addiction” and wasn’t surprised at what I found.  I am, indeed, addicted to running.

I compiled a few signs, adjusted them to the running addiction, and listed them below along with my answers. Go ahead, see if you’re addicted too.

****Disclaimer time: Now really, I’m just poking fun at this, I’m not making light of someone’s true and detrimental addiction to a substance or an unhealthy relationship with running.****


*  Do you start running and cannot stop? Have you made at least one serious attempt to give it up or slow down, but was unsuccessful in that attempt?  *I was going to run “one more marathon”. Four marathons ago.

*When you stop running, do you suffer from withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings, bouts of moodiness, bad temper, poor focus, a feeling of being depressed and empty, frustration, anger, bitterness, and resentment?   * WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME ALL THESE QUESTIONS??????

* Do you continue running despite injury?  * Does this count if you pretend the injury doesn’t exist? Oh, see below for “Denial”.

* Do you make financial sacrifices in order to continue running and related activities?  * Um…. define “sacrifice”.  The bills are paid on time and the kids are fed.  We took the kids to Boston! They didn’t want to go to Disney anyway. Hey, isn’t there a race at Disney?  

* Do you take risks in running that you normally wouldn’t take in every day life?    * If doing something to cause a driver to think or say, “damn runner” , then I have succeeded. Do I get a medal? And I don’t listen to my 5k play list when I drive anymore.

If you've ever said, "I signed up for WHAT?!" then you know what endorphins are and what they can do. Dangerous.

If you’ve ever said, “I signed up for WHAT?!” then you know what endorphins are and what they can do. Dangerous.

* Do you use running in helping you deal with your problems?  * “Step into my office” said the sidewalk.

Um, not really.

Um, not really.

* Do you find yourself obsessing about running and lose focus on your other every day activities? * Ok, well, like I said above, the kids are paid and the bills are fed. What? I think about food.

* Do you ever run in solitude and not tell anyone about it?  * Is the sky blue and the grass green?

* Do you feel you are in denial about your addiction to running?  * Everyone else does it.


*Do you find yourself running in excess, causing dizziness or fainting, abnormal hunger, loss of toe nails, excessive muscle cramps, strange tan lines, and/or signing up for ultra races?  *I currently have a blue toe nail.  Add red nail polish and it isn’t a bad shade of purple, y’all. And I have a farmer tan. It’s cool. And the raccoon eyes are just from sunglasses.  


* Have you dropped other hobbies and activities besides running? * There’s other hobbies and interests besides running?

* Has your running caused any issues in your relationships?  * Hmmmm, maybe that’s why my husband grinds his teeth at night… And most of my friends are runners so if we’re all doing it, then it’s okayyyyy!!!!




So there, my friends, are YOU addicted to running? I hope that if you are, it’s a good addiction and you maintain a healthy balance with other people and activities in your life. Better go, time to RUN!!!!


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That’s Amore (to get the full effect, sing it!)

As I told someone earlier this week, I’m totally hot and heavy with running right now.  My workouts are going really well, my legs are feeling strong, I’m getting faster with less effort, and (crossing my fingers and knocking on wood) I’ve had no indicators of injury – all in all, I’m lovin’ it! I’m simultaneously icing and stretching as I write this, just in case….. I never would have thought that 8:30-8:40 pace would now be my “easy” pace. It’s a good feeling, and I’m just in love with running and training, training and running.  I’m also trying to be really careful when it comes to personal health too.  It’s completely normal to dip your kids in Lysol and soapy water as soon as they get off the bus, isn’t it? Orange juice, anyone???

Today is my day off running, and as much as I need it and wanted it, I’m already thinking of tomorrow.  40 degrees and rain? Ok. I’m running. Wind? Whatever, I’ll wear an extra layer. I’m planning it, thinking about it, and visualizing it.  And it’s just a casual run.  Sunday is some regular “easy” running with hills thrown in for almost half of it. I’ve got my route already planned out, the timing of it, and I’m looking forward to it.

Next Saturday morning at 6:30, I’ll be stepping to the line of a pretty big challenge, the Myrtle Beach 1/2 Marathon.  I’m aiming for an official PR, which is anything under 1:44, but I’m not going to get overzealous about it.  I have a race plan, and I’m sticking to it.  This isn’t my absolute A race, so I’m not going all out.  I’m feeling confident about it, probably more than I have for any other race, but yet, I’m not nervous.  Yet. Maybe that’s experience talking, maybe it’s just that I haven’t absorbed the thought of stepping up my game for an entire 13+ miles, maybe I’m just in denial.  I don’t know what it is, but it’s a good feeling, a sort of calm, like you know what’s going to happen and you’re ok with however it turns out.  Maybe that’s the love of running.

I’m hoping this love affair will remain until the end of April and I will avoid that burnout phase… you know, the one where you love running but you just don’t like it at that time?

For now, I’ll just dream of new running shoes, that runner’s high feeling, and the thought of feeling strong through a race I know will kick my ass.  So in prep for the race, I’m re-doing my playlist.  Anyone have songs that I MUST have?  I have a lot of go-to songs, and I have some new ones since my last race, but I’m always looking for new options.

Good luck to anyone racing this weekend!!!

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