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Groundhog Day. Again.



If you haven’t read my blog this week, I’m doing the 10×10 running challenge by running 10 miles a day for 10 days. I started last Sunday. I am also taking donations for fundraiser that my cousin started five years ago to help find a cure for Huntington’s Disease, the disease that took her mother’s life. Her big Bar-2-Barbara event was this weekend, and right now, she has raised over $30,000.  Not all of my donations have been made yet (nor are hers), but I was able to raise nearly $500 to help her cause. Every dollar helps find a cure for this ridiculously terrible disease.

This is how I’ve felt every morning for a week. The only thing missing is Sonny & Cher singing “I Got You Babe” when I wake up. I get up early, run 10 miles, hydrate, eat, hydrate, stretch, hydrate, eat and then go about my daily stuff with my kids while eating, stretching, and hydrating. It’s all good, but I’m kind of tired of it. I don’t have any choices. I HAVE to get up early or running would be like running on the surface of the sun PLUS humidity. It’s gross out there, kids. Really, really gross.  I’m sure you can relate.

Besides being dog tired right around 2:00 and 8:00 pm, I’m feeling really good. On Saturday, I was supposed to run with a group, but we all texted each other at zero:dark:thirty and decided we wanted to sleep in. I got up around 7:30, or something like that, and it was glorious. I felt a lot better and knew I would pay for that by having to run in even warmer conditions. It was worth it though. I decided on starting at a park and finding a trail that has a lot of shade, which I’m very glad I did.  I think it was about 9 when I got going, and the temp was 83 and humidity levels were at 120%. I guess that’s what you get when you live by the ocean. Anyway, I visualized a good strong run. Something came over me and I knew it was going to be good. I started out feeling good, but stayed a little slower, then brought my per mile times down and finished my 7th 10 mile run in 7 days the fastest of all of them at 1:31:19.  It even took me a while to be able to stop my workout since my iPhone doesn’t register when it’s wet, and it was wet, my hand was wet, so I had to convince it to let me slide that little thing over to complete my workout. Seconds were wasted. Sheesh.

Day 7 complete!

Day 7 complete!


Summer runnin'

Summer runnin’

I felt energized by that run. I felt almost invincible. I don’t know what it was, but I felt a sense of empowerment when I knew that 1) I was going to complete the challenge and 2) I felt like I could do about anything.  I don’t know what it is, but this challenge has evoked the “post race euphoria” in me. It’s a very dangerous thing. I’ve vowed I would NOT sign up for anything while I feel like this.

We went to the store and I replenished my supply of fruit/veggie drinks. This is the one that I really do like.

challenge18I didn’t mean to pick on Boathouse Farms about their veggie drink the other day, but this one just tastes so much better! Most of the ingredients are the same, but the way they mix them is completely different. I’ll be staying with Naked on this one.

This morning’s run started at 6 and was with a friend who I ran a lot with in training for Boston. She is the one who walked with me at the end and felt equally crappy the last 10k of that race. It was good to run with her and catch up a bit. The air was still and it was a lot cooler than it was yesterday, but the humidity was about 130%!  Funny how 73 degrees can feel like a cool glass of water. Then you take the glass and dump in on your head, and that’s sort of what it feels like.

Anyway, we ran at a nice, conservative pace and it felt good. We stopped to stretch, to walk, to cross a busy road. We went back to the start point at an hour in since she was done with her workout and I headed out on part of the trail I ran on yesterday.  I got those “euphoric” feelings again, and I hauled my last three miles in at about 8 minutes per mile. I was pumped! I was lucky enough to be able to talk with some other lovely ladies from my running group while we stretched and cooled off a bit. They talked a while about nutrition, which is on my short list of things to work on for my upcoming half iron and marathon. Will be interesting since I’m still weird about weighing myself and counting carbs/protein/fat grams.

Day 8 is complete!

Day 8 is complete!

View from the start at UNCW

View from the start at UNCW

I’m actually surprised my legs are feeling as good as what they are. It’s interesting that ten miles is long enough to make you work really hard, but it’s not long enough to deplete your energy stores like long runs do. I have one sore toe right now but it’s not as sore as earlier last week and is a different toe, so that’s good. Chafing is minimal too, thank goodness!

I’ve thought a lot recently about where I want to go and do after my half iron this fall. I think I’ve finally narrowed it down, too. Of course, I’ve got the Houston Marathon to run in January and Wrightsville Beach Marathon in March, one of which I’m expecting to BQ in, and after that? Hmmmm, I just may have an idea.

How did everyone do this weekend? Did you race?






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The Eagle Has Landed. Literally.

If you haven’t seen my blog in a few posts, here’s the dealio: I’m currently running ten miles a day for ten days. I wanted to do the challenge anyway, but asked for donations for my cousin’s fundraiser for Huntington’s Disease to get me to do it NOW.  I’ve been able to raise almost $500 to help the cause, and I’m writing about my challenge as I go. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the fundraising.

Yesterday, I had some good company with Paul from Running Wild, who was in town for work, during my third ten mile run in three days. It was nice to have a distraction from the running and a nice conversation. I find it really cool to be able to meet other bloggers who happen to be runners, as I did in Boston.

Day 3

Day 3

Gorgeous view from the north tip of Wrightsville Beach at sunrise.

Gorgeous view from the north tip of Wrightsville Beach at sunrise.

My legs are feeling really good, but I’m having a few issues with my toes.  My baby toes sort of go under the one next to it, so they’re bruising. It happens on and off (my toes are shaped like triangles), and unfortunately, it’s ON right now.  Will it stop me from completing my ten miles a day for ten days? Hell no.

Today’s run wasn’t bad at all, except for the toe thing. Two of them hurt a little with every step and one (the one who hasn’t got its full nail back) hurts a little here and there. The humidity is killer. I’ve actually started running without my shirt (yes, I’m wearing a bra, I’m not into showcasing) so I won’t have it sticking to me for 6 miles. It’s gross. I’m drinking during my runs which is unusual, and I’m drinking TONS after I run.  But I feel good. And I know I’ll finish this challenge. I “only” have six more days to go. Today, I even saw what I believe to be a baby eagle.  This spring, I heard some baby calls and my son looked them up on the internet, and it sounded just like baby eagles. The nest is eagle-y too, so I just have to put two and two together and assume they’re eagles. So. Cool.

Day 4 Complete

Day 4 Complete. Not bad considering I stopped to get and put band aids on my toes without stopping time!

Eagle's nest

Eagle’s nest with baby perched and looking out (I swear he looked right at me)


Way back about a hundred zillion years ago, when I would run and race for fun, I ran a race that served as a fundraiser for the local cancer center. Each year, they made a wish list of a big purchase they wanted/needed for their patients, such as TV’s in the rooms so the people getting chemo could have something to distract them and give them something to do. It was a fun race too, and little did I know, my mother would end up getting treatment at that same cancer center. I’m glad I helped just for the sake of helping. ANYWAY, the weather was pretty bad on the way over to the race start, if you call torrential downpours “pretty bad”. I wanted to turn around and go home. Then something hit me. I almost laughed as I thought to myself, “You big dumbass, running in the rain is a lot easier than getting chemo!”  So I got out there and ran my race.

Sarah, my cousin who I’ve been talking about and who is determined to raise as much money as she can to find a cure for Huntington’s Disease, lost her mom from Huntington’s. It hits very close to home for her. Like bullseye close, which is why she’s so determined to make a difference. Sarah let us know that a friend of hers, Kayla, lost her battle with the disease.  She was only 26 years old. Sarah challenged everyone to run/walk/bike 5.2 miles (the length of the run/walk/bike in her fundraiser Bar-2-Barbara) in honor of Kayla.  So today, as I thought about having to get up and run in eight million percent humidity, I thought about Kayla, and dedicated my run to her.

We go through a lot in our daily lives, don’t we? We have good days and bad days. Some people have more difficulty, such as Kayla, and some people are healthy their entire 100 year lives.  There’s not always a rhyme or reason to all that is life. What I do know is that, as a runner and especially as a marathon runner, you learn how to push through discomfort, push through pain, fatigue. We thirst, we sweat, we chafe, we bleed, we fall down. But we keep going. We fight through, we push ourselves, will ourselves forward.  I have to believe that being a runner has and will help me through issues that have and will arise in my life. Just like I don’t give up in training or a race, I won’t give up with life challenges. And I will NOT give up on my 10 miles a day for 10 days challenge.

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Running For A Reason

Over the course of many years, I have raised money while doing something that I love. I raised $2500 with Team in Training back in 2001 and ran the Disney Marathon. My grandmother had and survived leukemia, so I knew it was something I needed to do in her memory since she WAS the one who got me into running (she passed away the year earlier from heart issues.) I raised $2500 in Sioux City, Iowa, for a local cat rescue that I was deeply involved with, and ran the marathon there in town. The effort in that was titled “Running For a Paws”. I tried very hard to raise money for a horse rescue when I lived in Texas, and honestly, I don’t know if one dime was collected due to my efforts, but I certainly tried.  That effort was titled “Hoofin’ It For Horses” and ended with me running the Houston Marathon.

I love doing what I do (run) and helping others along the way. I will make this very easy, simple, and to the point. Er, I’ll try anyway. My mom heard me talk about a running challenge that I was thinking of doing, but could never decide for sure, so obviously, didn’t start. Then I told all my friends and family that I wanted to help my cousin raise money for Huntington’s Disease (more info on that below).  I said “Would anyone dare me to do something for a donation to the Huntington’s Disease Society?”.  You see, my cousin started a huge fundraiser in Fontanelle/Greenfield, Iowa, called Bar-2-Barbara, that involves, walking, running, and riding bikes. Greenfield is a small town in southwest Iowa 45 minutes from where I grew up and is also where I visited frequently to see my grandma, cousins, and aunts/uncles. It is also the home of the now famous “Freedom Rock“.

The Freedom Rock

The Freedom Rock


Bar-2-Barbara started with a dare to do something for money, so after the run/walk/bike ride, she has a “dare show” where she and others complete their dares they took for donations.


They pretty much do ANYTHING for donations. Some have shaved their heads. Some have eaten ants. Some have had mustaches written on their faces with a SHARPIE.  Well, I don’t live anywhere near Iowa but believe in her cause, her passion, and I want to help. This is the 5th anniversary of her fundraiser, so she’s trying to raise $35,000. And she can do it, too.  So to help me with my goal to help my cousin, my mom challenged me to complete my running dare for $50.  I was also challenged to wear a Gamecock shirt during the Palmetto Bowl this fall. To anyone familiar with Clemson and USC, they have a huge rivalry (I even hear it’s state law for them to play a game every year), and my husband is a HUGE HUGE HUGE Clemson fan AND alum. He’s not really thrilled I took that challenge either.  But I did because it’s just a shirt.  The dare did not require me to actually cheer for USC.  And I’m trying to make a difference.


See what people do for money?

See what people do for money?

Anyway, I thought about it a while, and I thought that my challenge is a pretty big one and I think I might need a little more than $50 to get me to say yes. I pondered and weighed my options and thought for a few days. I decided to put it out there to my fellow runners, athletes, and friends. Would anyone else help me help my cousin? I hate asking for donations. Yes, I’ll do it, but I always feel weird about it. So I’m going out on a weird limb for something I believe in. You see, my cousin’s mother was diagnosed and passed away from Huntington’s Disease. Sarah, THE cousin, had a genetic test done and found out she does NOT carry the gene that causes Huntington’s.  She decided to take advantage of that diagnosis and make her mission to help find a cure for this horrible disease. She’s raised THOUSANDS of dollars for her cause. It’s amazing the event that she’s created in a very small town in Iowa.

Sarah with her two kids and mother.

Sarah with her two kids and mother.

So, my friends, I’m asking for you to donate to help me help her. If you decide to make this tax deductible donation, please go HERE ( and you’ll be directed in how to go about doing it.  THEN, please email me at, or comment here and let me know that you did.

Oh, you want to know about the challenge??? Not so fast. I’ll let you know if I get enough donations to go through with it. Deal? Deal.

BTW, during the time I was writing this, I got one additional donation.  Please, come on, help out a runner here!!!! I’m soooooo close!!!!!

Please check out the Bar-2-Barbara page at Everything you need to know about Bar-2-Barbarba is on the page. Sarah has created an amazing event that I’m hoping to be able to attend next year. Yes, it’s that awesome!!!! I’ve made two videos (below) for her that are featured on YouTube that detail how it all got started as well. Check ’em out!




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