I Signed Up For What??!!

You know when you sign up for a race and it sounds like a really good idea and how awesome of a training event it will be for a bigger event and then the race gets really close and then you wonder what the hell you were thinking when you signed up for it? Yeah, that’s me this week. A long time ago, when it sounded like a great idea, I signed up for a double sprint tri that takes place this weekend. And I’m really scared to do it. Why? Because the swim is in the OCEAN, y’all. The friggin ocean. I saw the ocean yesterday, and it was angry. Yes, Ana was passing through, giving us all her Mother’s Day finger, but the ocean is not something that can really be predicted nor tamed. At least not by me. I can barely swim in the waterway when it’s windy without getting a face enema, so I really don’t know how this race is going to play out. Well, I did read the participant list, and I know I’m going to do so awesomely well and place in my “Masters Novice Female” category. The fact that I’m the only one signed up in that category is of no significance, mind you. I’m going to kill it. Unless it kills me first. Let’s say I’m trying to find every possibly way out of NOT doing this tri, but the only response in my head after I think of a completely logical reason (such as DEATH BY DROWNING), my mind just tells me to shut the hell up and quit being such a wuss. I’ll keep trying.

So how IS everyone, anyway? I’ve been in my fundraising, “secret surprise”, dog-fostering, and long bike ride on the week day haze.

Some of my Stride boys with our fabulous MC, Colin from It's Go Time

Some of my Stride boys with our fabulous MC, Colin from It’s Go Time

Speaking of the fundraiser I’ve been telling you about, let’s say the ONLY thing that could have been better was about five degrees shaved off the temps. The kids were supposed to run for 20 minutes, but we backed it down for time constraints, but I think we really would have had to anyway or we’d still be peeling those melted elementary school kids off the concrete. So far, we’ve raised over $2000 to help save the UNCW running programs, and we have this week to get in the rest of our donations. I’m planning to take the coaches a “big check” early next week. The event went off without a hitch, and everyone had a great time in the process. Lots of the athletes came out to support our little runners, running with them, cheering them on, and even doing their hair.  It was a great thing to see come together.

UNCW Runners with just a few Girls on the Run and Stride runners

UNCW Runners with just a few Girls on the Run and Stride runners

I had a foster dog for a few days last week, and it wasn’t all fun.  The poor thing had an allergic reaction to SOMETHING, and he just couldn’t stop itching. I took him to the walk-in vet the morning after I picked him up (and he kept me up half the night pacing and itching), and a strange series of events led him back home.  It was really meant to be, since it was by a total chance meeting with someone at the vet office who KNEW how to reach his owner, a family who had been looking for him for two weeks. He is a 14 year old beagle named Walker, and I was able to get him back to his people on Friday evening. Good times.

Walker the old fossil dog.

Walker the old fossil dog.

Some of you probably heard something about this little tropical storm called Ana who decided to blow through our area this weekend.

"Hi, Ana! Wish you the best! Now leave."

“Hi, Ana! Wish you the best! Now leave.”

In order to get my long bike ride in, I decided to complete the ride on Friday morning since my in-laws were staying with us and Saturday was predicted to be a washout. I love to listen to loud music while I bike, so I figured it would be best to do this before they got to the house (and not when the family was trying to sleep – I’m courteous that way). I knew it would take a lot, mentally, to get this done, but I figured it was time to just grit my teeth and bear it. My legs screamed at me, probably because I did some harder interval work during the week, but I pushed. I can’t say the trainer is the equivalent of riding on the road, but it was a great long bike, my longest on the trainer and longest of this year. 56 miles in 3 hours. Done. The fastest I’ve ever been able to go. I learned a lot about my bike, how to adjust my gears, and that it’s only going to get harder from here, so just quit being a pansy ass and get to work.

56 miles in 3 hours. Whew.

56 miles in 3 hours. Whew.

On Saturday morning, I needed to get another workout it, so I decided to hop on the old bike again and got an hour in at an easier pace. My legs were tired, but I felt good. We slept in, so it was late, and I skipped my post-bike run.

When I got up on Mother’s Day morning, I looked at the radar and saw my chance at a run, which is really all I wanted to do that day. It would have felt incomplete had I not been able to run, so I got my 4.25 miles in and came in not long before the first monsoon started.

It rained A LOT for a while.

It rained A LOT for a while.

Mother’s Day was a very nice day, and I hope all your mother bloggers reading this had a special day. I don’t know why, but I’ve seen a lot of negativity regarding Mother’s Day this year. To me, it’s just a day we set aside to tell our moms how much we love them, do something a little special for them (and ourselves), and pay tribute to those mothers we may have lost. My motherhood is not the end all, be all, of me as a person, and I don’t let my identity get all wrapped up in just being a mother, which is probably why I don’t feel too guilty when I do other things outside of parenting. I am a person as much as I am a mom, and I want my kids to see that I have a valuable life besides being their mom.  It can be difficult since I am a stay-at-home mom with kids in school, for sure. Seeing the Mother’s Day backlash was sad. I think it’s a great day to celebrate, just as a birthday is. So celebrate away.

That being said, I’ve got sort of an interesting week ahead. I have a lot of work and research to do, and I’m taking it more easy with this pesky triathlon coming up. Our end-of-season race for my Stride kids is Saturday, so I’m hoping to pull out a 22:00 5k if I can. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the humidity will decrease a little from the 8,978,409% current reading. It’s humid, people. Even the mold is moldy.

Have you ever signed up for something thinking it was a great idea and then question your sanity the week before that event?


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The Day My 8-Year-Old Went Psycho

It started out like any other day. Actually, it was better because my husband was planning to take my youngest to school. Yes, THE kid who went psycho was getting driven to school because it was 18 outside and his parents mom didn’t want to wait at the bus stop in the cold. So we got to sleep in. I even snoozed once, so it was 39 extra minutes of sleep, and it was awesome. Little did I know what was to happen.

It doesn’t usually get this cold here in coastal North Carolina, so the news people have been talking all week about the frigid temperatures and wind chill. I’m from Iowa, so having temps in the teens with wind chills in the single digits don’t scare me, but it’s been a while since I’ve been in that sort of cold. And I’ve become a cold weather baby. Pansy some might say.  I digress.

So we planned accordingly. I woke up feeling pretty refreshed (40 minutes extra does really help – it’s like a power nap add-on to regular sleep) and I went in to wake up my 8-year-old. He was all cozy and warm and I hopped in bed and woke him up gently. I got a little nuzzle from him and he woke up happy. I went to get my layers on because my house is a two-story with a crawl space and one thermostat, so needless to say, the downstairs is FREEZING and the upstairs is toasty warm.

He ate his Cheerios, dad got 12-year-old up, and it seemed like a nice, smooth morning. Until it was time for 8-year-old to leave for school. It’s not supposed to be over 34 degrees today, and I don’t know if the kids will go out for recess “because of the cold”. They may, and they should (for everyone’s sake), but I wanted him to be warm. He always wears this little “coat” thing, which is basically a shirt with a hood, and is not enough to keep him warm if they go out for recess, so I “GASP” told him to get his thicker coat on and wear it to school. Then all hell broke loose.

The scene

The scene

Now the 8-year-old is known for having some epic tantrums over things that don’t make sense, like a plate, his lunch box, or dust. Oy, that reminds me of a time when my oldest had a meltdown over the word “damp” one time…. It’s been a while, so I guess we were due. He said that he didn’t want to wear the coat because it was too big. He would be embarrassed because it hangs down too far over his hands and waist (it fits perfectly actually, and he even said so when I had him try it on before I took the tags off, to which I reminded him, to which he replied that I MADE him keep it and he didn’t get it to pick it out to which I just sighed).

My husband and I looked at each other, smirked a little which totally pissed off 8-year-old because this was a very serious matter, and then muttered, “He’s gone mad.” (Funnier if you said it in a British accent because we’re totally not British.)  “He’s off his rocker.”  “The 8-Year-Old (I would use his name here but I think he was actually possessed by someone else so I would be lying if I used his name because that’s totally just not him) has gone psycho.” Then that reminded me of a book the boys have.


Here’s a few things he said while sitting, face in hands, teary-eyed, as we commenced with our stand-off.

“My friends will make fun of me because my coat is too big.”

“I’m not wearing this coat when I get to school.”

“I’m never wearing this coat again.”

“It’s so big.”

“The coat is just way too big.”

“Why are you making me do this?”

“I’m not going to wear this coat.”

“Why do I always have to do things I don’t want to do.”

“What would you do if you had to wear something too big for you” – Now this one was probably the best because all I did was stand up, lift my arms, and showed him my XXL sweatshirt that I wear EVERY DAY with a comment, “Well, I wear things that are too big for me ALL THE TIME and I LIKE IT. So there.” He didn’t appreciate my example.

Ten whole friggin’ minutes later, he was still sitting, teary-eyed, refusing to get in the car to go to school. Maybe “You’re wearing that coat to school if we have to put you in the car and strap you in ourselves” along with the crazy eyes we get when we’ve had enough was good enough to convince him to go ahead and get in the car. I got my wet kiss goodbye and my husband drove off with my 8-year-old.  And I refused to let him take his old thin coat to school because I knew then that he would be forced to wear the evil coat at recess and on the bus home. Take that, stubborn child! You’re mother is even more stubborn, so THERE!

As soon as husband and 8-year-old drove away, I looked at my 12-year-old, who was shaking his head like “wow” and I said, “Now you know what you look like when YOU do that. You may want to re-think it next time.” He agreed.

My husband and I texted when he got to work as in WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? And “Ryan (yes, using his name) went totally psycho….over a coat.”

Husband then had to fill me in on the complaints made in the car on the way to school.

“Why are you putting me through this torture?”

“You’re going to tell me what to do for the rest of my life.”

“I’ll never get to do anything I want to do.”

“I’m so embarrassed.”

“I’d rather be cold than wear this jacket.”

When my 8-year-old gets like this, you have to let it run its course. You just cannot rationalize with him when he goes psycho, so I’ll be interested in hearing what he has to say when he gets home from school this afternoon. One thing I’m almost certain of is that I will be giving his coat to the school to give to a kid who doesn’t have one. I picked my battle for today, but I won’t battle my son over this coat one more time. If he gets cold, he’ll learn.

I realized that I HAD to blog about this. I’m sure anyone with kids can relate and anyone who doesn’t have them or has kids out of the house can appreciate it just as much. It might explain why some people come to work in the morning with crazy eyes and messy hair. It’s not the fatigue, it’s not the wind, it’s not stress from traffic on the way to work, it’s from dealing with your son who went psycho one morning.


You can’t make this shit up.

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