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Six Months to Boston!!!!

Today, I saw a post from The Boston Marathon’s Facebook page that caught my attention.

In case you didn't do the math...

In case you didn’t do the math, the marathon is in six months.

The race will be exactly six months from today!!!  While this brings on a HUGE amount of excitement to me, it also brings on some anxiety.  Will my leg heal from this nagging injury so I can run my best race?  Will I get another injury?  Will I be able to PR? Make it up the hills? Make it down the hills without shredding my legs?  I think of all this stuff that could happen or may happen or might happen, which is really not unusual for me, then I think, STOP IT.  Shut the hell up.  Just enjoy the freaking moment, relish in the joy that I am able, and let myself at least get training started before starting to worry about all of it.  Then don’t worry about it!!!  I will remind myself, as much as I need to, to enjoy the journey as much as I know I’ll enjoy the destination.

So then I listen to a song that I played at the half marathon point of all the marathons where I tried to qualify for Boston.  This song reminds me what I’m doing all the extra hard work, why I’m doing this, and it pumps me up.  Plus, it’s just a good song.

This is the song that I played for my kids to tell them that I got into the Boston Marathon.  This is the song we have our funny hand movements and dances to.  This song makes me happy.  And I’m not going to let any worrying get in the way of celebrating what I will be doing six months from today.

It also doesn’t hurt that the Boston Red Sox are in the World Series.

Boston, Baby, here I come!  Go Sox!

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