Holiday Recap

It’s hard to describe the last few weeks in a few words. Whirlwind maybe? A big whirlwind of family, sleeping, getting up early, running, more sleeping, eating some damn good food, driving, more driving, even more driving? I’m sure it’s like that for pretty much everyone else, but there’s something about this year that makes my head spin. I’m going to recap the last month, then look forward into 2016. One of my “things” for the year is to blog more! I’ve had several people comment they miss it, and honestly, I miss it too, so I plan to make sure I blog at least once a week. There’s a lot going on, lots to talk about, and if anyone knows me, I do like to talk!

So here’s a quick recap of December and the holiday.


Epic Running Company – 2015 Fall Season

First, my Epic Running Company kids had their 5k on Dec. 12th. I felt such pride as those boys crossed the finish line. Their abilities spread out like Texas, but if they all have one thing in common, it’s heart. I struggled getting some of them to really push themselves and put more effort into their simple two days of training, but I think they understood more of why I was doing that when we got to the race. They put a lot of effort into their races, and I told them to just try their hardest. One runner was determined to get a PR from his last 5k, and boy, did he blaze a PR trail and finished in 21:45. That was amazing. I had several more finish in under 25 minutes, and of course, that was cool. A few threw up, and the one surprised himself by how hard he tried. His mom was sort of a wreck because of it, but I assured her he was just fine and was only pushing himself very hard. I think he wore that like a badge of honor, a puke patch?  Anyway, it was a great coach moment, and I’m already preparing for this spring, where I will have a boys and girls group. I have so many ideas of how to make the program better and more specific to the kids’ abilities and goals, so I have my work cut out for me! If only I had a track for them to practice on!!!

The next cool thing of December was finding out Ironman bought out the Beach 2 Battleship races here in Wilmington. I was planning to sign up for the half in October anyway, and thankfully, there’s still a half option, so I have my fall race planned. Ironman North Carolina 70.3 is purchased and on the books! This time though, I’m going to race the thing. My coach and I already discussed what she thinks my time should be, assuming it’s not tornadoing outside, and I’ve my sights set on a 30+ minute PR. I have a lot of work to do this summer, but I’m confident that smart and focused racing will do the trick.


My boys at the Orange Bowl


Next. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but my husband is a total Clemson nut. He graduated from Clemson in the 90’s and has been a true fan of theirs before that and his love of the Tigers has grown and spread to me and our boys. Thankfully, we were able to drive eight hundred forty thousand 12-13 of the longest hours each way to Miami to watch them play in the Orange Bowl.

I’ve never been to a bowl game before, so it was a fun and entertaining experience for us, especially since Clemson won the game.

Our hotel in Miami was a mile away from a gorgeous park (WITH OPEN BATHROOMS WHOHOOO!) where I did 14 total miles of running, including speed work, the two mornings we were there. It was like July there, and although it was enjoyable, I was happy to head back north where the temps actually cooled after a very warm fall. On New Year’s Day morning, I saw the sun rise, loved the peacefulness of the reflection on the lake, saw snails chugging away to wherever they were going, and saw sun shining on the dew drops laying on a leaf. What a way to bring in the new year!

The interstate was a sea of orange as we all headed home after the big game, and it was cool to wave, nod, glance at all the other Clemson fans along the hundreds of miles towards home.

Definitely one of my favorite books!!

Since we were in the car for five zillion hours over 4 days, I finally got my book read. It was amazing. Truly amazing. I recently realized that my training intensity and effort does not match my race intensity and effort, so it’s time to change that. Good thing is, the test will be in twelve short days at the Charleston Marathon where I’m trying to PR and BQ. I’ve decided to go for it and use the tools I learned from this book. I would highly suggest this to anyone, no matter your goals. You never know what you’ll get out of it.

And one more thing, I decided to bite the bullet and get my Ironman tattoo. This tattoo does not symbolize Ironman. I hear a lot of backlash about people doing an Ironman branded race just for an “M-dot” tattoo. I did an Ironman branded race for the experience of doing one. They do things in a top-notch way, plus coming down the finish chute to people high-fiving you and cheering you just because you’re finishing was one of my favorite experiences ever. No offense to smaller races, but it’s not the same.

Anyhoo, this tattoo symbolizes following a dream, pushing “REGISTER” although I didn’t believe in myself. It means months of blood, sweat, and tears, of fear, of proving to myself that I am an Ironman, that I am stronger than I think. Training for and finishing an Ironman changed my life, and this tat is representation of the good things that can come of dreaming big and working hard.

Ironman I am

Did you watch football this holiday? Have a good time?


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11 thoughts on “Holiday Recap

  1. Sounds like yoh had an amazing holiday season! See you very soon in Charleston! I am now pacing the 4:00:00 marathon instead of the 4:45:00, but I expect you to be way out in front of me getting that BQ!

    • I do want to see you there! Maybe we can meet before the race 🙂 Pacing does sound like fun. I decided to run fewer races and volunteer at them more this year. Should be a fun way to give back! Pacing is a great way to give back!!! What are your plans?

      • Me? Well, I think I will drive down in the afternoon, looking to get into Charleston around 5-6 maybe. Super stoked to pace this event, and at a much more fun pace, versus the 4:45 originally planned. We can surely meet up at some point. I am pacing a few more times this Spring. Asheville and Ft. Bragg. I think I have a free entry into Asheville to give away if you are interested. Let me know. 🙂

    • I’ll plan on trying to find you at the beginning of the race. Who knows, my husband might even decide to do the full since he’s still registered for it and didn’t get the race changed to the half. I’d LOVE to do an Asheville race sometime, but I think, if we go this year, it will be for a vacation. Thanks, and I will have to figure out when to get one done there. See you next week!

      • Yes, I’m sure I will be holding a pace sign at the start. Plus, I will be wearing a pacing shirt, so please find me. It’s not everyday we run the same race. Oh, and if your husband decides to run, he is more than welcome to join the 4:00 group. I’ll keep him steady.

  2. Ooh! Fun holiday recap!
    Awesome tattoo… and now I’m intrigued about the book. I’m going to look into it…

    • The book was different than I expected. I thought it would be more hard core? But it told multiple stories of ways people basically sabotage themselves. Pick your poison I guess, that resonates with me since I do that in multiple ways. Whether or not you benefit from it, it’s an interesting psychological read!
      And I can’t wait for my tat to look real- it’s in the ugly phase so another week and should be pretty!! Thank you 🙂

  3. You’ve had an amazing December…and really all of 2015!! I’m excited to follow your journey to this 30+ min PR ant IMNC 70.3…how exciting!!
    That book sounds intriguing…I’m going to add it to my “to read” list! Thanks for the suggestion!
    I LOVE your tat!! So awesome!!

    • I’m learning a lot about the mental side of racing, which should help me with the 70.3 this fall, plus I won’t be in it to “just” finish like I was before. I already know I can cut tons of time from transition and bike. I’m pretty excited about it! And sorry I haven’t commented on your blogs lately! I’ve been reading them and always enjoy! I hope you have a great start to 2016!!!

      • Mental training is huge! I love learning about it! Don’t worry about it! We are all busy 😉

  4. Love the tattoo! I don’t have any running related tattoos, but I do have a small one on my wrist of the Chinese symbol for “strength”. I meant for it to be a visual reminder that I a, strong, but I never think to look at it when I’m struggling :-/

    Congrats on a great year!

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