Ironman Florida in T-minus 13 hours

I was planning to post a big “pre-ironman” story with all the travel and fun stuff I did in Panama City Beach. But we all know what happened to that. 

The point is, I’m going to do theIronman  tomorrow.  Maybe I’m being naieve or something, but I have a good feeling. This doesn’t mean I think I’m going to get a certain goal time, this just means I’m going to have a good day and feel good about my race. I know I can accept whatever happens, warm water, wind, rain, cold front, I know I’ll be ok. I’ve trained in so many conditions, I’ll be ok. 

So, next time I write, I hope to goodness I’ll be writing as a newly minted Ironman. I know I’ll do everything in my power to do it with a smile on my face! 

Excuse the pics, my husband has most of them on his camera! 

View from our hotel.


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10 thoughts on “Ironman Florida in T-minus 13 hours

  1. Mom and Dad

    I know you won’t forget your Big Mac tonight and I do love your attitude….relax and enjoy the moment…ahh, er maybe bunches of moments strung together over a great day! Love you bunches…Dad

  2. Mom

    Great attitude! I agree with Dad’s comment entirely. May the wind (if there is any) stay at your back😍

  3. You will do awesome. Just enjoy the day. It will stay with you forever, and will be done in a flash…

  4. May the wind be at your back! Go get it!

  5. Have an awesome race! Ironman!

  6. Jane Likes to Run

    Good luck and have fun!

  7. DAMN! 13:09:30!!! That is one impressive race Ironman!

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