Spring Really IS Here



You know it’s officially spring here in Wilmington, North Carolina, when the Azalea Festival arrives. It’s a time when everyone in town can 1) Party like it’s 1899, 2) Eat fried anything, 3) Go to concerts that would never normally come to a town this size, and 4) Watch a 3 1/2 hour parade.


There’s the parade, carnival, craft shows, garden parties, a bunch of stuff I’m not invited to because I’m not a belle, more stuff I’m not invited to but is put in the paper, probably to make everyone NOT invited jealous and WANT to be invited, which makes the entire Festival one of those “I really want to be a part of this thing but I really don’t know how or why”, and concerts. Alan Jackson was in town last night, and tonight, it’s the rap god, Nelly (and my son would have said, of course it’s not the rap god, THAT’S Eminem), who will be donning the “big” stage. There was plenty of “wha?” when it was announced that Nelly was the festival headliner. I mean, this Azalea Festival is all about southern belles and gentlemen, spring flowers, and fried oreos, so what does Nelly have to do with THAT? Because he brings in a LOT of people, that’s why, and there’s no way in gold teeth that he would ever come here at any other time. Hey, maybe he likes azaleas…

It hasn't gotten too hot because he still has his clothes on.

It hasn’t gotten too hot because he still has his clothes on.

So last night, when everyone was donning their cowboy hats and boots way down yonder by the Chattahoochee, I was at a home run derby, getting eaten alive by flying jaws. Tonight, when what I suspect will be a different set of people will be getting hot in here but hopefully keeping their clothes ON watching Nelly, I will be at a different field, yet again getting eaten alive by flying jaws, watching my son play soccer.

THE Azalea Queen

THE Azalea Queen

Last year, we went to what we now call “the longest parade in world history” on that beautiful Saturday morning, which was three and a half hours of watching five floats go by, followed by ten minutes of watching the people across the street because there was nothing coming down the street, followed by five more floats, followed by ten more minutes of watching the people across the street (repeat no less than twelve thousand times), and then finally, finally, FINALLY, the Azalea Queen float comes down the street, which is when we went to the carnival and spent $20 for a glass of ice water with a cup of sugar and a lemon’s worth of juice in it and resisted the urge to buy a fried tenderloin on a stick with Kurly Fries for a “great deal” of $75. All served with a smile. This year, we will be at the soccer and baseball fields for our entire Saturday, which is part of the deal when you have two kids in sports. In honor of the Azalea Festival though, I just may have to spring for a $2 hot dog.

So in my last post, I had mentioned that word “cry” and I was upset about something. Simply stated, I was sad about my marathon goal. I’m over it, but get bouts of sadness every once in a while. I’m allowed. I STILL have a post to post on that one, but there’s been a lot of stuff cooking here in my house, and it ain’t the Food Network’s fault this time. And it’s not actual food cooking. Except for when I make dinner of course. So sometimes, when there’s a lot going on, I do this:


Yes, the proverbial deer in headlights.  It’s all good, and I really CANNOT wait to share what’s going on, but I need to get my ducks in a row first. After I get done staring at the wall and going buh buh buh. Let’s say that this youth coaching thing is getting bigger and my vision is now a very distinct possibility.

As for my workouts, I’ve ridden my bike the last few days, simply because 1) that’s the workout I planned and 2) I had no choice yesterday. Storms rolled through the entire morning, and as much as I like to bar-b-que, I do NOT want it to be me, so the only option I had was to ride my bike indoors. I absolutely LOVE storms, or at least not the ones where you head for the basement, and yesterday’s was like therapy. Rain, thunder, more rain and thunder, for hours at a time. I kept the house perfectly quiet while I cleaned, and it was perfectly soothing. My version of a bath in lavender.

Anyway, I’m headed to the pool today, which is almost like going to get my teeth extracted, because it’s PERFECT outside. BUT I know what I need to work on and my legs are tired, so I don’t want to do too much, plus I have a brick planned for Sunday. You know you’re tired when you walk up the stairs and need to pause and take a breath. Yeah, I need a day off. That will be tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend, every one, and I hope you are enjoying spring!

Do you enjoy spending your weekends getting eaten by flying jaws? Does this make you think of sharks like it does me?



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10 thoughts on “Spring Really IS Here

  1. That really was THE LONGEST parade ever. And I still don’t get the Azalea Festival other than it’s a southern tradition in Wilmington. The pool will pay off in time. But beware of the jaws of life eating us all spring long….

  2. I once went for the tour of homes during the Azalea Festival, but that was enough. Of course I could be talked into going again, but only if it included a nice lunch out! Going a bit taper crazy with my credit card this week….ahh but it is worth it!

  3. Enjoy your swim today, your rest day tomorrow and your brick Sunday. Sometimes when we are tired and we complete a scheduled workout anyway, it turns out better than we expected. Positive thoughts and focus 😉

    • Evidently, I don’t actually use my leg muscles when I swim, so it is fine to swim when my legs are tired. Ha! I did a mile, only problem was that the water was too warm!! Almost open water time!! Always keeping positive, I can’t lose sight of the ultimate dream and goal!!!

      • Glad you made it!! Our indoor pool is way too warm here, so I can’t wait for the outdoor pool to open 😉


    Sounds like lots of fun.!! I love little festivals like that. 🙂
    yea, flying jaws I definitely thought of sharks :p

  5. Fortunately still a few weeks before we encounter the flying jaws in Canada. Still getting rid of some remnants of snow, but with the rain you mentioned, we also got up north here, and a lot of the snow has now melted.
    Sounds like your town really gets into the festivities. In a couple of weeks we will have a “Maple Syrup Festival” in a neighbouring town, yes, it even has a Maple Syrup queen. 🙂
    I am sincerely sorry about your marathon goal. This would be difficult for you. I know you work so very hard.

  6. Lee @ Tri*Inspired*Life

    Hi! Just found your blog today! I live in Raleigh and went to numerous Azalea Festivals while I lived in Wilmington for college. Even though I visit Wilmington every chance I get, I have not been back for Azalea Festival since I moved back to Raleigh, because that is when everyone else wants to visit downtown. Just thought I would drop you a line since we live so close!!

    • Hey thanks!! We went to the festival last year and it was enough to tide me over for about five more- same sort of thing every time. And training in Raleigh has to be good with those hills I hear about!

  7. I most definitely thought of flying sharks. 🙂
    That looks like a lot of colorful, interesting fun down there! The second picture reminds me of a scene from Mary Poppins. 🙂

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