Feeling A Little Crabby, Oops, I Mean Carby

FIRST OF ALL, GO PANTHERS!!!! I don’t ever mention my alma mater, but well, I am now. Dancin’ with the big dogs.

University of Northern Iowa Panthers

University of Northern Iowa Panthers


Anyway, I am going insane. Crabby and carby. Carby and crabby. It’s annoying. I’m so ready to stop looking at the weather and get this damn race run! Tapering for a marathon where you don’t have to travel is torture. I’ve NEVER been this annoyed before. Irritable, fussy, grumpy, crabby. I need to run.

99% of my time has been spent checking the weather and playing Soda Crush

99% of my time has been spent checking the weather and playing Soda Crush

I started my carb load eating yesterday. I’ve had bagels, noodles, decaf coffee (DECAF FOR GOODNESS SAKES WHAT’S THE POINT?!) a smoothie, orange juice, breads, pesto chicken pasta, and I caved and had a Diet Coke. I just couldn’t take the plain water any more. I’m so bored. I’ve been working on a pretty cool project (ironic it’s about running), but I’m over it. I want to go run, I want to have a beer, I want to go out and stay up late and not be in this taper madness prison. Because one week IS prison. I THOUGHT I was over it. I THOUGHT I would be fine for one more freaking day. But yesterday happened.

If I get TEN post likes, I’ll post the actual video. But this is the gist of yesterday.


I went to Costco (mistake #1) and bought a Block Rocker (not a mistake). Give me a microphone and I might as well be Bob Barker. If Bob sang. Badly.

I went to Costco (mistake #1) and bought a Block Rocker (not a mistake). Give me a microphone and I might as well be Bob Barker. If Bob sang. Badly.

Look at me. I feel sorry for myself. My hair is all mussed on one side like I just woke up from a nap by the dumpster on 2nd Street. People, I sang to my animals. Badly. But it was fun. And I entertained myself for a few hours until the kids came home and then I played a really good song and pretended they were finishing a marathon in front of Meb as I commentated.

My excuse is that I was totally jacked up on caffeine. ONE cup. That plus not running. My total mileage this entire week has been less than my normal easy run on Saturday. Ok, I may be exaggerating, but you get the picture. I’M LITERALLY GOING CRAZY.  And then I signed up for THREE races. Yes, THREE. Taper + credit cards + internet access = a whole lotta race registrations. Oops.  Ok, maybe two of them don’t count because I was planning to sign up for them anyway. One is the Beach 2 Battleship FULL IRON relay – I’m doing the swim/bike as the long brick workout 3 weeks before IMFL, and my husband is running the marathon. I signed up for an interesting little race right here in town that’s a swim, run, bike, run, swim sprint. Can you say transition practice? Then I found a 5k in Branson, MO, on July 4th since we’re going to be in the area at that time. I’ve always wanted to run a race on the 4th, so there you go.

I think checking the weather isn’t helping either, but I can’t stop myself. It’s getting warmer and warmer and I’m having flashbacks of running out of salt like I did in Boston. Ugh. I’m really torturing myself. It is what it is, and I have salt sticks.

The day after tomorrow. Boom. Here we go. Let’s get goin’!




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16 thoughts on “Feeling A Little Crabby, Oops, I Mean Carby

  1. Connie

    Kelli, you will do fine on Saturday!! Andy needs to make sure that next taper week he hides the cards : )) And yes, go UNI!! The game is on now and Wyoming is trying for a comeback.

  2. Randee

    The video is worth you going taper crazy. Totally.

  3. Ha Ha!! The taper will do that to a person!! While I love to race, I hate the taper!! You are going to do great, so enjoy March Madness and relax 😉

  4. I grew up a Hawk fan (“Go Hawks” is literally on my Grandma’s headstone) and probably 10-15 years ago, my parents decided to basically switch to ISU (dad’s an alum). It was closer to Sioux City, so we jumped on the bandwagon and went to some games. Love the Hawks, but when it comes down to it, we used to live in Davidson so I hope they win the game tonight 🙂

  5. That’s so awesome you signed up for a July 4 race in Branson on vacation! I have always wanted to do a vacation and then just do a random small race there. Not a vacation planned around a race, but just include one, the smaller the better. Hooray for the Hawks, even though I know nothing about basketball and March Madness (I’m in SC, and basketball isn’t really our sport of choice). Best of luck with your marathon too!

    • That place is super hilly and the race is flat, so it’s a win-win for me 🙂 And you’re right, I don’t really hear much about basketball coming out of SC, except for Clemson of course, just not this year. The Tiger is coming to the race and we’re SUPER excited!!! We are a Clemson family 🙂 Hoping the race goes well – the weather looks good, so crossing my fingers!

      • The South Carolina women’s basketball team did great this year, but alas, it’s women’s basketball and guys, and you know how that goes :(. But yeah, no one in SC cares much about bball!

  6. Marathon day for both of us tomorrow! Yee Haw! Let’s go for it! Be safe, run smart and enjoy. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  7. Jess@Flying Feet In Faith

    This post. LOL. loved it! Especially the credit card, taper plus interenet access part. 🙂 I can relate. I’m 5 weeks out from marathon day and I feel like I’m already going crazy! So ready to rock and roll!

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