Leaving Las Vegas

The great birthday surprise of 2015 went perfectly.  Read the reveal story HERE. He never found out what I had been planning for months, and we had a great time. Of course, we’re a little more tired, our wallets are thinner, and I can’t speak for everyone, but I know my belly is a little rounder. It was worth it! I love Vegas. I grew up on acreage where it was quite and serene and now live 15 minutes from the perfect ocean view, and I enjoy that as much as anyone.  BUT, I absolutely LOVE the energy of Vegas. There’s ALWAYS someone up, something to do, somewhere to walk. I love to watch people, go see different sights, and of course, I do like to party, responsible adult-style partying anyway.

My husband and I went running the first two mornings we were there, and I was actually surprised at the amount of runners out.

The running was perfect. Perfect weather, perfect company, and perfect environment.

The running was perfect. Perfect weather, perfect company, and perfect environment.

We chatted (mostly me purging telling him all the things I hadn’t been able to since last summer when I planned this whole thing), enjoyed the sunshine, and wandered through Circus Circus since I’d never been in there before. The three hour time change REALLY messed with both of us, especially since we had to get up so early (and I woke up extra early at 3 am the day of) to get to the airport on time, so on all nights except the last, we were up in our room and asleep by probably 8.

By 8 pm, we looked like this poor guy in the airport.

By 8 pm, we looked like this poor guy in the airport.

That meant we were up bright and early at 6 am, ready to get on with our day. Most mornings we had a beer in hand, casino card in the other, and were seated at our favorite penny slots by 10. I’ve never let myself play slots before since I know it’s just throwing money away, but I planned all along to let the purse strings go a little and have some gambling fun. I had been hoarding money for just this too.  And it was fun. I didn’t come away with any winnings and didn’t even break even, but it was something new for me, and it kept me entertained for hours. I won, I lost, I won again, I lost again, I watched my dad play the same silly slot time after time and do the same exact thing.

My favorite slot machine.

My favorite slot machine.

My parents haven’t been to Vegas since the early 80’s and my sister/brother-in-law haven’t been at all, so it was fun to watch them see the “Vegas sights” the first time, including the big guy wearing a teeny bikini complete with a bunny tail.

A friend from Wilmington and two friends from Des Moines came as well, so it was fun to hang out with everyone. We went to the Carnival Court outside Harrah’s since we were told that we just have to. Wow. It was worth it. We had so much fun watching the bartenders do their thing “Cocktail” style and the music was perfect. And I may or may not have had a shot poured directly in my mouth 🙂

Andy's the tall one in the back, then from left, Katie, Sonia, Me, and Del at Carnival Court. Made a lot of memories that night (afternoon).

Andy’s the tall one in the back, then from left, Katie, Sonia, Me, and Del at Carnival Court. Made a lot of memories that night afternoon.

On Sunday, the others had things to do, so just my family went to Fremont Street. I’d been there before but was only there for maybe 30 minutes so didn’t get to experience the entire thing. THIS time, we stayed there for quite a while. It was pretty damn awesome.  I never though lil’ ole’ ME could sit at a Blackjack table and play with the big dogs, but there I was, playing Blackjack IN LAS VEGAS.  And I knew the rules! Little did my husband know two months ago WHY I wanted to re-learn how to play Blackjack – so I could play on our secret trip!  Let’s just say I didn’t come away throwing $20 bills around. The stupid dealer was just too hot. Oh well, it was a new experience for me, and well worth it.

My sister and dad zip lining near the ceiling of Fremont Street.

My sister and dad zip lining near the ceiling of Fremont Street.

I hate to admit it, but I missed my 12 mile long run on Sunday. I felt guilty, but not guilty enough to do anything about it. I know things happen during training and this wasn’t an essential long run, so I let it go. We got home late Monday, and I can honestly say we were there the perfect amount of time. I was glad to be home! Too bad the weather here is horrible. Not a nice homecoming, that’s for sure. To punish myself for missing the long run, I knew I needed to make today’s workout count. So I ran 10 miles at marathon pace, or 8:15. It was rainy, really windy, and about 45 degrees. No excuses.

It’s time to get serious about this race that’s in just a few short weeks. I have two 20-milers left, a LOT of pace and speed work to do, and some major yoga to go along with it. I keet thinking to myself that it will be all worth it when I cross that finish line with a nice shiny new PR.

My luggage was just delivered from it’s extra long trip back, so I guess it’s time to unpack. Ugh, reality!

My hubby and me on his 40th birthday.

My hubby and me on his 40th birthday.

When you go on a vacation, do you plan to run/bike/swim?

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19 thoughts on “Leaving Las Vegas

  1. Looks and sounds like you had a blast!! Vegas is someplace I have never been…lots of people have said I should go, but just haven’t made it a priority yet. I always plan to SBR while on vacation…sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t 😉

  2. Somehow I missed the post telling about the secret, so seeing this I had no idea that you had just been in Vegas! Did you have a blast? It is one of my favorite places ever! In fact, I am heading there a week from Saturday. Where did you stay? Eat? Play?

    • We stayed at Harrah’s before and really liked the price and location so stayed there again. We walked and walked and like I said in my post here, went to Fremont Street and walked and walked and played there (they have actual penny slots there). Saw the fountains three times this visit, didn’t make it to Red Rock like I wanted to, or the sign, but had a ton of fun anyway. Carnival Court is a BLAST if you like that kind of thing. Ate a $20 burger at Guy Fieri’s place – was AWESOME but no burger is worth $20. They LOVED the zip line at Fremont Street. We walked to a little “Container” mall place up by there and it was a really cool vibe with live music. Ugh, I want to go back.

      • Love Red Rock! Freemont Street is a blast, yes. Love gambling down there. So much history. El Cortez is my favorite, and has $1 minimum Roulette, which I could play for hours.

      • I’m SO BUMMED that we didn’t go to El Cortez. I have a picture of it though. $1 roulette? I would have parked there a while! Maybe next time!

      • Only three days left for me until I get on the plane and head out there. I SO need it after dealing with this f-ing snow and ice!

      • How bad was it up there? Rain here.

      • Bad? Could have been a lot worse, for sure. Got more sleet than freezing rain, which really saved us. It was bad though. Whole neighborhood is still. Just a frozen mess. Main road are mostly clear now, but secondary roads and neighborhoods are beyond ridiculous still. Misery!

    • Of course there’s more. My parents and sister went to the Jeff Dunham show and LOVED it. There’s a restaurant in Harrah’s where I ate some of my mom’s pasta and it was FAB. So many good places to eat there but we mostly ate pizza because everything else was $20 a plate.

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  4. Sounds like an awesome trip. I’m so impressed you pulled off such a major surprise!

    • I was sort of going a little nutty near the end, and he just thought I was trying to get everything ready for his parents’ visit. It makes a lot more sense to him now 🙂 I don’t think I have it in me to pull one of those off again…probably ever!

  5. Thanks so much for the surprise trip. You are an amazing person, in all ways. Thanks for being there with me and for this trip. Let the EPIC-est year continue!

  6. The last time I was in Vegas was in the early 1980’s. Did not stay long, just eat and run, stopping between 2 epic destinations, Death Valley and the Grand Canyon. Sounds like you had a great time.

    It would make it much easier having a partner who runs. I usually don’t get out for much running on vacation.

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment – I usually don’t run on those shorter trips when we’re up and walking miles the entire time, but I needed to get SOME in! We went to the Grand Canyon last time and oh, is that gorgeous! Interested in seeing Death Valley too. We did have a good time – just nice to be together without our normal responsibilities 🙂

  7. Nice! Glad you had fun. I haven’t been to vegas in a few years, but I know it’s always fun! Good luck on your 20 milers!

    • Thanks, and Vegas is always fun! We didn’t have as much fun as the guy sleeping in the hallway of our hotel though 🙂 Sort of building myself up for the weekend running – cold, windy, and long miles….

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