Secrets and Lies

I’ve been keeping a secret from my husband since August 1st. It involved lying about and hiding money, several “lies of omission” and talking about him behind his back to our friends and family. I had to clear the cache on the computer several times because of my internet trolling, and my secrets almost slipped out so many times, I just had to stop talking about certain things. I felt bad. I was tired of the lies and secrets. So this morning, I got him up early and told him to pack his shit.

I told him he had one hour and we were leaving. We threw our crap in the car (after kissing our sweet little sleeping boys g’bye), picked up my sister and brother-in-law, then we headed to the airport. When we got to the airport, I got up to the agent first and told her to keep our final destination quiet because I’d been lying and keeping secrets from my husband for so many months, to have one of them blab it before I was ready would be insulting. It worked. We got on the plane and landed in Atlanta.  I gave him the gate/flight number and had him figure out himself where we were going. Heh heh, evil, ain’t it?

My friends, on August 1st, I purchased a vacation to Vegas for my husband’s 40th birthday. It’s finally freaking here because one more week of keeping secrets and lying was gonna kill me!  And by the way, I arranged for his parents to come visit “for his birthday” and watch the kids for us. I owe this trip to them.

This trip is going to fit right into our "Epic-est" Year, that's for sure.

This trip is going to fit right into our “Epic-est” Year, that’s for sure.

So for the next several days, we are going to be having way too much fun celebrating life, having fun with each other and the few friends/family who could come with us, and oh, yes I brought my running shoes.

Las Vegas strip, here we come!

Las Vegas strip, here we come!


From our trip a few years back.

From our trip a few years back.

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9 thoughts on “Secrets and Lies

  1. How fun!! Have a great trip 😉

  2. You did so well to keep this secret Kelli for so long. Have a wonderful time! 🙂

  3. This is so awesome! I could never pull off a surprise like that. I hope you guys have an amazing time!

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