Time To Rock ‘N’ Roll!!

For eighteen weeks, my husband, Andy, has been training for his first marathon using the Hal Higdon intermediate training plan. I think training has gone very well for him, minus a little calf glitch in there a few weeks ago that seems to be fine now. I’ve been able to see training from the flipside, and it’s been fun for me. Not as in a “haha, it’s funny watching you sweat” kind of fun, it’s just been fun to see him do something that I truly love to do. He “gets” things more than he did before, like how tired you can be, how hungry you can be, what taper madness is, what pre-race nerves are like, all the aches and pains, chafing, carb loading, and wow, about a billion more things. He’s met running friends, he’s not slept in on a weekend (except for this past Sunday) for months, and I think he’s had a lot of fun. You’ll have to check HIS blog out that he started during this adventure, called Salt Life & Clemson. He talks about life, being a dad, husband to a crazy wife, a Clemson fan, a Red Sox fan, and of course, running. Check it out!

Savannah, here we come!

Savannah, here we come!

So on Thursday, we are going to pack up the Ford and head south. His race is Saturday and honestly, I’m nervous!!! I’ve never been a Sherpa for anyone, and because he is the BEST Sherpa in the continental US and probably the entire world, I don’t want to fail him.  I’ll have two mini-Sherpas with me, which always adds an element of, um, entertainment, but it is extremely important to us all that they see their dad cross that finish line. The hay is in the barn for hubby, so getting packed and carb loaded is all we can do now. Wish him luck!! All I can say is that I’m so proud of him for all the hard work he’s put into this!

As for me, I’ve had a roller coaster of a week. On Monday, I felt like I could conquer the world in a single bound. Today, I feel like I couldn’t finish a 5k if my life depended on it. What’s up with that?? Maybe it’s coming off a big race. Maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep much last night. I am worried that my shin splints have migrated into my calf, so at this point, I don’t even know if I will be able to train for my marathon in January. It’s all I’ve been thinking about since Boston, so it’s been emotional to try and think about an injury and the possibility I may have to pull the plug on my big race. I don’t understand what is going on, but after my run tomorrow, if my gait feels “off”, I’m going to make an appointment with a physical therapist who can assess my stride and see if there’s something firing wrong in there somewhere. I think I’m ok with whatever happens, there’s local marathons, but I already spent the money on a plane ticket to Houston and don’t want to go all that way to run a half marathon or not at all. How will this all play out? I’m guessing I’ll have some sort of answer by the end of next week. Can’t I just skip the pages and get there already???!!!!  Ahh, I remember now, it’s all about the journey! In the meantime, I’m going to have a BLAST with my family in Savannah and watch my husband finish his marathon.

What about YOU? Have you any Sherpa tips for me? Been to Savannah to run?


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9 thoughts on “Time To Rock ‘N’ Roll!!

  1. Can’t wait to hear about your weekend in Savannah. We are sherpas’ next weekend in Richmond when our daughter runs her marathon. I already have a cow bell ready and I also told her I would run her in the last 5-6 miles if she needs company!

  2. Thank you Kelli for all your support. It’s been an interesting journey. I sure have learned a lot and had an adventure myself. I look forward to a great weekend and the next step in our journey.

  3. The only sherpa experience I have is during my husband’s 70.3 race. I would recommend taking extra water, layers of clothes so you can take them off/put them on and make sure you have a sign on a stick that you can extend high in the air so he can see you (or just wear a bright colored shirt with “Team Husband” on it). While the cowbell is great, as the spectator, it can become REALLY annoying when you listen to it for multiple hours on end 😉

    • Oh there will be no cowbell. It would take 30 seconds of that! Ha! I’ve got layers, our vehicle is within walkinbf distance, and I have my Boston jacket that is so bright, you can see it from the moon!!
      Oh, I have a good camera too 🙂 And snacks- gotta have snacks!

  4. Have had the honor of following both Andy’s blog, and your blog Kelli. I have “wondered” if the 2 of you were husband and wife, but did not mention anything. Wouldn’t that be “putting my foot in my mouth”, if you were just blogging friends 🙂

    I think it is so cool how you are supporting each other in this capacity. Andy, I have enjoyed your journey, and looking forward to hearing about Savannah. You will do great! 🙂

    Kelli, I sincerely hope those shin splints get better. This has got to be so difficult for you. Injuries are certainly a journey. Thanks for your honestly and your vulnerability. I understand.

    Have a GREAT weekend in Savannah, as you and your family cheer your hubby on to the finish line! 🙂

    • Thank you!! I guess we never did say who our spouses were, did we 🙂 Well, now ya know!
      My shin splints have migrated into my calf and I really don’t know for sure what the deal is. I’m doing what i can to fix it, and today actually went very well. Have to have hope!! Thanks for your comments, always so nice and generous!

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