Ten Books That Need To Be Written

Wednesday’s Workout: Impromptu open water swim at 8:00 am followed by a 90 minute bike ride at home on the trainer. You’d think that when I got home, I’d immediately change into my bike clothes, right? No. I had to take a quick shower to wash off the ocean water. THEN I got into my smelly bike clothes and sweated for about 90 minutes. I was thinking it was sort of silly to take a shower RIGHT BEFORE working out and that my towels are really never dry. And I came upon a thought of all the books that could be written by athletes and all they go through, and especially now for me, triathletes. Since I’m a fan of lists, here’s my list of

10 Books That Need To Be Written (and that I could probably write):

1)  Triathlons Part I:  Why My Towels Are Never Dry

2) Triathlons Part II: Why I Have No Spending Money and My Fridge Is Always Empty

3) Quadzilla: “No, I Don’t Lift Weights” – One Muscular Woman’s Journey

4) Are Those Biking Shorts or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

5) Relationships and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness): “It’s not you, honey, it’s that I literally cannot move.” One Couple’s Story.

6) “I Only Need To Be Faster Than the Slowest Guy” and Other Tips for Open Water Swimming With Sharks

7) I LOVE Triathlons (except for the biking and swimming part): One Marathoner’s Struggle To Transition From Marathons to Triathlons

8) Bad Combinations: Post-race Euphoria, The Internet, and A Credit Card – An Athlete’s Guide to the First Week After A Big Race….

Special Pamphlet Included!!!! “The Night I Got Drunk and Signed Up For An Ironman”: What NOT To Do

9) Mary Lee: A Guide To Why Naming Dangerous Animals Makes Them Seem Less Harmful

10) Benefits of Open Water Swimming: You’ll Never Need Your Neti Pot Again


11) You And Your Bike Seat: Why You’ll Never Walk Normal Again

Ok, y’all, what book could YOU write????  I’ll compile a list and make another post out of it!

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24 thoughts on “Ten Books That Need To Be Written

  1. I love your list!!;-)

  2. How about “Your dog belongs on a leash, not attached to my ass!”

  3. Gary

    How about “I can’t (fill in the blank) tonight, because I have to get up early and swim/bike/run (choose all that apply) in the morning. -or- The Social Life of a Triathlete

  4. This is hilarious and the reason I will never do a triathlon. I am petrified of sea creatures, not to mention being swam over by tons of other swimmers. And the bike…well just never mind that too, I went over the handlebars as a kid!

  5. Ok this made my day! Lok

  6. I love this idea!! Here are a few that I would add from this last year’s experience:

    Can’t Clean, Can’t Cook, Can’t Do Laundry…One Couple’s House Falls Apart While Ironman Training

    The How to Guide for Successfully Sealing Yourself up in a Sausage Casing…AKA Wetsuit

    Just Eat, Just Sleep, Just Train…There isn’t Room for Anything Else

  7. Connie

    How about this:
    One Parent’s Dilemma: How To Explain that Her Daughter is Not Really Crazy, She Is Training for a Marathon/Triathlon.

  8. This list is hilarious. I could probably write the one about being spendy after a race.

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