When You Have The Choice To, Do

Random thoughts today.

This morning, I woke up to my alarm at 5:30ish. I went to go change into my swim suit and was planning to go to the Y and work on my swim drills I learned during the lesson on Monday. I was a little nervous, since sometimes I feel like I am a fish flopping around on the sand, gasping for air, but I knew the drills would help me get over that and become a smoother, more efficient swimmer. I don’t like inhaling water, making a fool of myself in front of other swimmers, and not being good at an event that I really want to do. But….I was ready to give it a shot. Besides the nerves, I was feeling excitement. I haven’t felt that way about a new sport in forever! Until I heard the rain. What? I checked the radar. What?


I thought it wasn’t supposed to start raining until later Friday afternoon. Hmmm. Ok, well, I know many people swim in the heavy down pours, but this girl is not skilled enough to do that. Plus, I saw some flashes of lightning. Plus I didn’t want to swim in the rain. That doesn’t make much sense though, does it? I was a little happy to go back to bed, but I was also a little let down that I wouldn’t get my drills in today. It was supposed to rain all day. Yuck.

I slept in, drank my coffee, caught up on some blogs (FINALLY), and hung out with my boys. I had just commented on a blog that I didn’t feel like running in the rain, when I decided that I DID want to go run in the rain. Power of though? I spent many miles out in the cold rain this winter, so this was supposed to be refreshing.  And I know it would make me feel good.

I got my stuff on, set my boys up with a game, and took off to do my 5 mile route close to the house. It felt great, and I kept my pace close to an 8 minute mile! I knew it was the right decision, and I knew that I would have regretted NOT going and doing something today.

I didn’t have any music on to distract me from my thoughts, so I thought a lot about stuff. Yesterday, we got a foster dog, just because we could help and the local rescue needed help. He’s really super cute, my kids love him, and hopefully, he will find a forever home soon. Yes, there will be a little disruption in my house, more hair all over the place, and I’ll have to transport him to/from adoption events, but why not?

My kids with Foster Chase and our dog Scarlett in the back.

My kids with Foster Chase and our dog Scarlett in the back.

I had the opportunity to go run today, and I took it. I’m so very glad that I did. I had the opportunity to foster a dog, so I did it. Circumstances change and you really have to be pliable with your plans when life gets in the way, but when you have an opportunity to work out, to help, to make a difference, to smile, just do it.  Share with people. Call up a friend. Make cookies for your retired neighbors.  Why? Because you can. When a car drove by and splashed a ginormous puddle all over me, I shared my middle finger with them. Then I laughed and was glad it wasn’t mud. I mean, I WAS getting wet, but still. They shared with me, and I simply shared back.

Anyway, as far as training goes, I was surprised when I did my monthly totals last night.  In July, which I still can’t believe is over, I ran 142 miles, swam 2 miles, and biked 62 miles. That’s pretty good right? Well, out of 31 days, I didn’t do anything for 10 of them. That’s quite a lot of miles packed in to 21 days. I enjoyed most of them, too. As for August, it’s going to be pretty heavy on the bike and swim, and the running will probably be more concentrated on speed. In fact, I have a 50 mile bike ride scheduled for tomorrow, weather permitting. I start back with my running group in September and then it’s serious training time, so I need to grease the wheels, if you know what I mean. I’m looking forward to getting back to the track, doing some intervals, and getting one step closer to my goals. That brings up my next blog….. ugh. The Monkey On My Back. Stay tuned, will be coming soon.

I hope everyone has a good race weekend, a good training, long run, or just a fun weekend in general. I know that for the rest of my day, I won’t be looking longingly out the window, wishing I had gone for a run. Because I did.


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2 thoughts on “When You Have The Choice To, Do

  1. Looks like a lot of wet running this weekend. But it’s all in the name of training (or for some people for the love of running).

  2. Yeah lighting is a big NO as far as swimming goes! I would have gone right back to bed too.
    I’m glad you got to go out for that 5 miler though! Sometimes the hardest part is getting out of the house. Oh and that foster pup? Super cute! You guys are so great for taking him in. 🙂

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