Running For A Reason

Over the course of many years, I have raised money while doing something that I love. I raised $2500 with Team in Training back in 2001 and ran the Disney Marathon. My grandmother had and survived leukemia, so I knew it was something I needed to do in her memory since she WAS the one who got me into running (she passed away the year earlier from heart issues.) I raised $2500 in Sioux City, Iowa, for a local cat rescue that I was deeply involved with, and ran the marathon there in town. The effort in that was titled “Running For a Paws”. I tried very hard to raise money for a horse rescue when I lived in Texas, and honestly, I don’t know if one dime was collected due to my efforts, but I certainly tried.  That effort was titled “Hoofin’ It For Horses” and ended with me running the Houston Marathon.

I love doing what I do (run) and helping others along the way. I will make this very easy, simple, and to the point. Er, I’ll try anyway. My mom heard me talk about a running challenge that I was thinking of doing, but could never decide for sure, so obviously, didn’t start. Then I told all my friends and family that I wanted to help my cousin raise money for Huntington’s Disease (more info on that below).  I said “Would anyone dare me to do something for a donation to the Huntington’s Disease Society?”.  You see, my cousin started a huge fundraiser in Fontanelle/Greenfield, Iowa, called Bar-2-Barbara, that involves, walking, running, and riding bikes. Greenfield is a small town in southwest Iowa 45 minutes from where I grew up and is also where I visited frequently to see my grandma, cousins, and aunts/uncles. It is also the home of the now famous “Freedom Rock“.

The Freedom Rock

The Freedom Rock


Bar-2-Barbara started with a dare to do something for money, so after the run/walk/bike ride, she has a “dare show” where she and others complete their dares they took for donations.


They pretty much do ANYTHING for donations. Some have shaved their heads. Some have eaten ants. Some have had mustaches written on their faces with a SHARPIE.  Well, I don’t live anywhere near Iowa but believe in her cause, her passion, and I want to help. This is the 5th anniversary of her fundraiser, so she’s trying to raise $35,000. And she can do it, too.  So to help me with my goal to help my cousin, my mom challenged me to complete my running dare for $50.  I was also challenged to wear a Gamecock shirt during the Palmetto Bowl this fall. To anyone familiar with Clemson and USC, they have a huge rivalry (I even hear it’s state law for them to play a game every year), and my husband is a HUGE HUGE HUGE Clemson fan AND alum. He’s not really thrilled I took that challenge either.  But I did because it’s just a shirt.  The dare did not require me to actually cheer for USC.  And I’m trying to make a difference.


See what people do for money?

See what people do for money?

Anyway, I thought about it a while, and I thought that my challenge is a pretty big one and I think I might need a little more than $50 to get me to say yes. I pondered and weighed my options and thought for a few days. I decided to put it out there to my fellow runners, athletes, and friends. Would anyone else help me help my cousin? I hate asking for donations. Yes, I’ll do it, but I always feel weird about it. So I’m going out on a weird limb for something I believe in. You see, my cousin’s mother was diagnosed and passed away from Huntington’s Disease. Sarah, THE cousin, had a genetic test done and found out she does NOT carry the gene that causes Huntington’s.  She decided to take advantage of that diagnosis and make her mission to help find a cure for this horrible disease. She’s raised THOUSANDS of dollars for her cause. It’s amazing the event that she’s created in a very small town in Iowa.

Sarah with her two kids and mother.

Sarah with her two kids and mother.

So, my friends, I’m asking for you to donate to help me help her. If you decide to make this tax deductible donation, please go HERE ( and you’ll be directed in how to go about doing it.  THEN, please email me at, or comment here and let me know that you did.

Oh, you want to know about the challenge??? Not so fast. I’ll let you know if I get enough donations to go through with it. Deal? Deal.

BTW, during the time I was writing this, I got one additional donation.  Please, come on, help out a runner here!!!! I’m soooooo close!!!!!

Please check out the Bar-2-Barbara page at Everything you need to know about Bar-2-Barbarba is on the page. Sarah has created an amazing event that I’m hoping to be able to attend next year. Yes, it’s that awesome!!!! I’ve made two videos (below) for her that are featured on YouTube that detail how it all got started as well. Check ’em out!




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9 thoughts on “Running For A Reason

  1. I’d love to donate, but I’m having issues getting the website to load. Is there another way to donate? Sounds like a great cause and a really fun event!

  2. Ok, I don’t know why WordPress isn’t working now! Ugh, I had a long response typed out and it disappeared.
    I got the website to come up fine in the link and on it’s own so try that again. The site has so much info on it and would be cool for you to see what it’s all about and Sarah’s story. You can make an online donation at:
    You can also make a check out to HDSA and put Bar2Barbara in the memo line and email me at and I’ll give you my address. I’ll then forward it to her and what address she tells me to!
    Thank you so much – it is so appreciated and I guess I’d better dust off my shoes! Going to be doing some running soon!!!!

    • I was able to get the website to work on a different browser – my computer must’ve been having a bad day yesterday! Thanks for checking on alternate methods, though – I feel bad that you spent all that time looking in to it when my computer was just being cranky. Either way, the donation is made! Happy 4th of July!

  3. I donated 🙂

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