There’s Something To Be Said For Being Off the Grid

After my last post a few weeks ago, things got nutty. Like macadamia nut nutty. It was the last few weeks of school for my kids, we had our first of many huge parties (43 people strong) at my house, I volunteered to take on a few projects as room mom for my son, made candied pecans for a teacher and bus driver, and started a project for my cousin’s fundraiser (there WILL be more on that later). THEN it was Father’s Day and the day after that, I took my kids, hopped on a plane, and we have been soaking up Table Rock Lake for a week now. I’m so relaxed, people are going to think I’m on something when I get home.
My workouts have been fairly sporadic, but I’ve gotten in some major hill training and broke my swim record by swimming one full mile in open water that wasn’t salt and minus the wetsuit. It’s been awesome. I sit and drink coffee while listening to boats on the lake, birds chirping, and then nothing.
We go back home on Tuesday, so I’m sure I’ll get back to some sort of routine. But for now, I’m getting my suit on to go back put on the boat for the fifth day in a row. I couldn’t ask for a better start to summer vacation.
I have lots of pictures to share but I’m not sure how to add them on mobile wordpress. Oh well!! And I’ll catch up to everyone’s blogs when I get home.
Take care and hope you can enjoy some time off the grid as well.



Ok, I can add pictures. Just a little tidbit of what I’ve been doing.

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2 thoughts on “There’s Something To Be Said For Being Off the Grid

  1. AWESOME!! I LOVE a good vaca every now and then. Enjoy!!

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