Giving It A Tri

I’m feeling better today. I’ve decided to focus on one thing to get done, get it done, then move on to the next thing. I did get a few pictures hung up, decided which color frame to hang in another room, and then I started painting my kitchen.  The latter was just to avoid cleaning my house, and in fact, created a whole other cleaning project because we all know painting kitchens is not the easy room to paint. But at least it will get done.  In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out how to do this tri thing. I’m taking a break from workout schedules and plans so I can rest my mind and have the ability to be flexible with what I’m doing. Don’t feel like running today? Ok, then don’t. And it’s ok.  I need the break from “having” to do a certain workout.

I really was in a quandary on whether or not to do the Beach 2 Battleship Triathlon or to make it a relay. The tri will be 11 weeks before the Houston Marathon, and the marathon is my priority.  I didn’t want tri training to mess with marathon training. I thought about not doing the tri.  But then I realized it’s probably a little fear creeping in and the fact that I’m just so used to running, anything different feels strange. I’m assuming tri training will do nothing but help marathon training, so I fully committed to doing the 1/2 iron tri in October. I’m in. What I’m NOT interested in this time, is going for a certain time. I would like to just enjoy this race like I used to enjoy running races, without worrying or thinking about PR’s and all that stuff. I want to enjoy the training process and enjoy the race, as long as I meet my cutoff times of course.  Well, I have to say that the running part is the serious part, something that I will be concentrating on more, probably because I enjoy it more and I will be working towards a marathon PR just a few months post-triathlon.

I know I needed to start getting my rear on the bike so I can work out soreness from that, get the bike adjusted if need be, and get back to it.

Getting ready to go.

Getting ready to go.

There’s an amazing feeling of freedom when it comes to bike riding. My first ride in many months was on Wednesday, where I parked at Carolina Beach State Park and rode 26 miles. I finished in just about 1:30, so I was pretty happy with that since I haven’t ridden in so long and I was just out to ride. Here I go again, making speed a factor, but maybe that part of my brain just won’t shut off.  It was a beautiful day and I had a beautiful view, so I came back refreshed and happy.  I learned a few things too. Don’t wear cotton undies and it’s time to cut the RAGBRAI tags off the bike. Yes, the bike has been on many a RAGBRAI from moons ago. (I REALLY want to do this ride again in a few years – I did the full ride waaaaaay back in 1993 – holy crap that was 20 years ago. Damn.) It’s a dinosaur in it’s own right.

View along the way.

Ocean view along part of the way.

Southernmost point of the Wilmington peninsula.

Southernmost point of the Wilmington peninsula.

My rear didn’t hurt and my legs were fine post ride and the day after.  Thank you, speed work!! Yesterday was swim day. I tried and tried to talk myself out of it, but I knew I needed to just get in the pool and give my swim tether a tri.  It was wavier than I thought, which is good since the waterway isn’t glassy and I need to get used to it, and it stirred up some of the junk in the pool, which is fine because it’s still way cleaner than the waterway.  It wasn’t bad. The only thing I don’t completely like about the swim tether is that the resistance on my arms is different than if I was actually swimming. I think they’re going to get pretty tired, but my solution is to just use the kick board and get some of that in as well.

Using the swim tether.

Using the swim tether.

I only gagged once and realized I need to get my butt back in the pool a few times before I head out in the waterway on Monday or I’m gonna regret it! My timing was off and I realized I only had about 15 minutes to play around in the pool before I needed to leave and do transport for a local dog rescue. That was an event all to itself and I ended up with a blown tire on my way to pick up the dogs. Thank goodness for husbands who drop things for their wives so they can help rescue animals as he traded cars with me so I could make my meeting time and wouldn’t have to wait for the AAA guy to change my tire.

I was going to take today off since we are getting a sod delivery and will be doing that all weekend, but a cool front came in and I just don’t think I can resist taking a nice run down the road and getting a small peek at the waterway yet again today.  Yes, I’m going to do just that.

Thanks for all the encouraging words and if any of you triathletes want to chime in on your favorite workout, I’d love to hear it. I’m not going back to coaching until July, so I have a lot of work to do on my own. I’m also on Facebook so if you want to, come “like” my page and we can communicate that way. And you’d also get to see my Goober picture I posted yesterday.

Better go, my shoes are calling!

Good luck to all doing the Ironman Texas this weekend!!!!







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13 thoughts on “Giving It A Tri

  1. What made you decide on Houston? Is that race this Fall?

    • I ran my BQ there in ’13. It’s flat, big, and I have friends there. Oh, and in January so it’s typically upper 30’s at the start. It’s Texas so who knows- my run there was 40’s, windy, rain.

  2. You should come up here and do RAGBRAI again this year!! It is going through my hometown 😉 I’m glad you are doing the triathlon…it will definitely help your marathon training!! You know that tat…”NO FEAR” that you have on your foot…stick with it 😉 Awesome job jumping into tri training with both feet!! I love the swim tether by the way 🙂

    • Ragbrai is Definitely on my radar. I’d like to go when it starts in Sioux City so I can build in a visit with my friends 🙂 My husband has never done any of it so I told him he HAS to do at least a few days of it.
      And yes, the tat is a constant reminder of the path my heart should lead. And I’m glad it’s sandal season so I can see it all the time too!! Thanks :):)

  3. Hi, new reader! Just saw your blog comment on Running Wild and clicked through 🙂

    I have never seen a tether for swimming like that! That is a fantastic idea! 🙂

    And I love that you’ve done RAGBRAI. I am doing one day of it this year. LOL. Start small 😉

    Good luck with tri training! 😀

    • Hey, thanks for reading and your site looks cool too! RAGBRAI is a total blast…a challenging blast, but so unique! I can’t wait to go back and do it again. Have fun and may you have good weather the day you ride! I don’t remember how the swim tether thing started but when we built the pool, we wanted to be able to use it to get out workout so it was probably a Google thing. Who knows. I’m allergic to chlorine pools so it will be nice to be able to use our own pool and then swim in the waterway when it’s warm enough. Thanks for reading and commenting! The blog world is full of so many cool people! (I love you call your cat so many names – one of our cats has tons of names that he doesn’t respond to!)

  4. Wow that idea with the rope while swimming is so awesome I wouldve never thought of it.

    • It’s a pretty neat concept. They have “travel” ones too, but I’m not certain how they work. I’m sure I’ll be using mine a lot this summer when I can’t get to the pool or to the waterway.

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