Running Boston Has Gone…. Beyond!!!


Before the announcement, two things…..

1) I got my Boston Marathon Runner Passport in the mail the other day!!!!! This contains the paper that I am required to use to get my race bib at the expo.  So freaking excited and I even did a little dance when I got the mail that day! Then I almost threw up from excitement.

2) I was able to clear a lot of the clutter out of my head that I discussed in my last post.  I’ve calmed down, started making my lists for the trip, and I refuse to think anything but the best things about the race in Boston. I think about bad weather and the hills, but then I just let that go, and I focus on all the training I have done to make this my strongest marathon.  In doing this, I’ve pretty much become useless around the house besides taking care of the kids and our massive food supply, but my husband is so supportive and understanding, he doesn’t care (or if he does, then I missed it – sorry, honey!). Yea for me!

Saturday, my legs felt like lead for my easy 9 miler. I worried a little about how they would feel for the long run on Sunday, but I knew if anything, I just needed to get the miles in. Yesterday was the 18 miler with three other ladies in my running group who are Boston Bound as well. The miles flew by and we were able to finish in my sub-BQ pace.  It boosted my confidence, but I know I have another pretty full and difficult week ahead. One more LONG run before taper begins!!!  It’s still so hard to believe. And now…..


no fear

Well, on Friday, I signed up for the Beach 2 Battleship 1/2 Iron Distance race in my home town of Wilmington!!!! Running Boston and Beyond has finally bit the bullet and gone beyond!  I HAVE been scared to sign up and take on this new challenge, primarily because of the swim that is held in a channel connected to the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway (which means there is a tide). I knew for this year, the tide won’t be pushing me as it has for this race in the past, so with that and the fact that I’m not a strong swimmer, I was hesitant.  Then I realized that I just need to train harder for the swim and in the conditions that we will find on race day.  Simple.  My goal is to finish the race alive and before the time cutoff and have a lot of fun in the meantime.  Once I signed up, I got excited.

So that’s it for my Monday.  I’d love to hear what everyone did over the weekend!

I'm so nervous and excited for this!

I’m so nervous and excited for this!




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12 thoughts on “Running Boston Has Gone…. Beyond!!!

  1. Only one long run to go – awesome!

  2. Nice 18! You are ready. I got in a few base runs, but worked all weekend. Not much fun here.

    • Thanks! And you’ve got a lot more fun coming (RNR!!!!)! Do you know who’s playing at the finish? I assume SOMEONE is playing at the finish? In New Orleans, it was this amazing jazz band. We took everyone’s beer tabs from the bibs since they were hung over and just laid on the field and listened to the awesome music. THAT’S my kind of post-race party!

      • Yes, it’s New Politics. They sing “Harlem”. I’ve heard it on the radio. Up and coming band from Europe somewhere.

  3. Training for Boston is almost done!! I am so excited to start the beginning of my taper this week. And congrats on signing up for your next adventure, that sounds like so much fun (although I have never done a tri bc the swim section scares me!!)

    • I just started swimming the day after I turned 40 last October. I knew how to “swim” but not to actually get somewhere 🙂 I figured that I needed to just get it done and then if I don’t like it, I’ll just do the relay every other year after that! Haha! And the taper is so close, I can smell it!!!!!

  4. Boston will be so exciting! Congrats 🙂

  5. Boston will be great!! Don’t worry about the hills. When I was running Heart Break Hill, I didn’t even realize it until I started to read the signs around me. The energy of the other athletes, spectators and community will pull you through 🙂

    YIPPEE!! I am so happy that you are doing a 70.3!! I hope you love it as much as I do!! That is my perfect distance (long enough that I actually have to train for it, but short enough that it doesn’t require all of my time and energy to train).

    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can check it out on my most recent blog post 🙂

    • Hills and weather are the two things I’m most concerned about. We are at sea level and the only real hills are parking garages, so yes, it’s been very intimidating. Plus I’ve never run a marathon with actual hills. Thank you so much for your calming words – it really makes me feel so much better! And you bet I’ll be asking for advice with the 70.3 – I’ll certainly need it! Thanks for the nomination – already looking forward to blogging about it!

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