Everything is Awesome

I convinced myself to be happy over the weekend, when I really wanted to be grumpy.  Thankfully, I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I have a lot of things to get done this week (anyone else filing taxes??) and my big race is Saturday morning at 6:30.  It’s gonna be ccccoold!!!  I still don’t think the reality has hit me yet, but maybe it will when I get my new play list together….  We shall see.

I thought I’d share a little Lego lady my son made for me.  She’s supposed to be running, but when you make her look like she’s running, she falls over. Not too far from the truth some days.  Anyway, he thought it would be cute to make me my very own Lego person, to which I thought was amazingly sweet and thoughtful. There are no Lego iPods, so the next best thing is a boom box.  I don’t think he gets what a boom box really is, but I would have totally loved this purple one back in the day when I actually had a boom box.  And the thing behind me is a “tree”.  I’m still not certain what that’s all about, but he did hear me talking about enjoying trail running.  That’s my best guess. And we have trees in our back yard.

Enjoy your day, your week, and remember, Everything is Awesome! 

I am a Lego runner.

I am a Lego runner.

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