Anyone Else Sick of the Snowpocolypse?

I grew up in Iowa and then lived there again for about seven years as an adult AFTER living in North Carolina for about seven years.  In Iowa, as expected, we had blizzards once or twice a year, plus snow many other times, and we just carried on the best we could.  Kids would play outside unless it was below zero out, whether that was the actual temperature or wind chill.  When it was icy, they just salted the roads.  When it snowed, the roads got plowed.  We went out to play in our snow suits, and we sledded until we were exhausted.  We celebrated 40-degree days, which seemed few and far between for months at a time.

A ginormous pile of snow after they plowed my street. Yes, it really was that tall!

A ginormous pile of snow after they plowed my street. Yes, it really was that tall!

A path along the sidewalk. Because people were walking a lot.

A path along the sidewalk. Because people were walking a lot.

Then it was icy in coastal North Carolina.  I understand it doesn’t happen very often so they don’t have the equipment to handle it.  BUT oh my holy stuck inside, I am SO FREAKING ready for this freaking ice to melt so we can carry on with our lives.  Most of all, I want to carry on with my training that has seemed to come to a halt because I CAN’T RUN ON ICE and I refuse to drive on it.  I can certainly drive in two feet of snow, but I just don’t trust ice nor the other southerners who drive on it.  Case in point from yesterday, I witnessed Moron #1 driving 45 mph on a sheet of ice that doubled as a skating rink.  Yeah, Moron, try slowing down or stopping on that.  I went for a run yesterday, but the ice was nicely covered with a fine crunchy second layer of ice that provided some much needed traction.  I went slow, but I got a 5.5 miler in. Whew.  Then it melted a little and turned into a very dangerous sheet of ice.  And now I’m trapped.  I’m not sure if I can drive safely to practice but I can’t run from home.

Simply because I could.

Simply because I could.

So today is the kids’ third day out of school and my husband’s third day working at home, which is great except they will have three days to make up and they already go until the middle of June.  NO ONE needs to go to school in friggin’ July.  We really do enjoy spending time with each other, but holy hell, I just want to get out and do something and get my speed work in. In my mind, if I miss a practice, all my training is for naught and I can start from square one.  Yeah, I’m not overreacting or anything, am I?

Earlier, I thought, “Hey, why don’t we get out and walk down to the main road to see what it is really like?”.  So the family and the dog took off and we got one entire house away when my oldest son slipped and fell smack on his face.  Mom fail. His hands lessened the fall, thank goodness, because the kid could have seriously broken his face. He’ll get an extra scoop of chocolate in his cocoa….

It was fun while it lasted, but please, oh please, give me the Southern in the South back!

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One thought on “Anyone Else Sick of the Snowpocolypse?

  1. I currently live in central Iowa and you have more snow than we do. While we have had RIDICULOUSLY COLD temperatures (windchill temperatures as low as -45 degrees Fahrenheit), we haven’t had much precipitation lately. I hope Old Man Winter decides to hibernate and spring weather shows up soon.

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